Ira Sharenow's Data Analytics

About Ira

I am originally from New Jersey. I currently live in El Cerrito, CA.

I received a B.A. in mathematics from Rutgers University. I received an M.A. in mathematics and an M.S. in business from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. More recently, I have been enjoying online learning with a focus on data analysis. I thank Stanford University, M.I.T., Caltech, and EdX for providing high quality online courses for free. I am also developing an interest in Tableau.

I enjoy bicycling, walking and rooting for the University of Wisconsin Badgers. Favorite stores: Monterey Market (Berkeley) and Rainbow Grocery (San Francisco).

Technical Skills

Statistics: Linear Models, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, A/B Testing, Statistical Learning Techniques


R Statistical Language:  Data manipulation with base R and tidyverse; statistical analysis

Python: Studying the M.I.T. online course, Pandas, and regular expressions (beginner level)

: T-SQL/Microsoft SQL Server; R's sqldf; Joins, subqueries

Excel/VBA: VLOOKUP, Pivot Tables, Data Analytics. Certified Excel Expert by Microsoft. Experienced VBA programmer.

Tableau: Improving my skills.

Additional Programming Skills, Not Recently Used: Python, SAS (Certified by the SAS Institute as an Advanced SAS Programmer), C, C++


University of Wisconsin – Madison
M.A. Mathematics

University of Wisconsin – Madison
M.S. Business

Rutgers University
B.A. Mathematics

Recent Online Learning

Stanford University
Introduction to Databases (CS 145) by Jennifer Widom. Watched the videos. Focused on SQL queries and completed the homework and exams.
Statistical Learning by Trevor Hastie and Rob Tibshirani
Edx: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming (M.I.T. 6.00)

Work Experience

2005-Present. Sharenow Consultants. Used R, SQL, Excel VBA,and  Excel pivot tables in order to perform statistical analysis, data manipulation, dashboard creation.

1990-2005. Sharenow Consultants. Taught a variety of mathematics courses at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Tutored mathematics, statistics, and GMAT.

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